Week 3- Day 4. UCD Batlab – Making the teaching resource.


The sunshine fills UCD-beautiful day!

The sunshine fills UCD-beautiful day!

A day spent thinking, typing, tabling and researching. Theory is great but young students want hands on- so trying to come up with as many model making activities that involve the whole class.

Thinking-Thinking- how do you add the elements of the bat lab to Transition Year.

Darwin-The beginning of Phylogeny.

Darwin-The beginning of Phylogeny.

Calling industrious pH students, Reading University has a great PCR kit specifically for U.K. Secondary Schools- unfortunately don’t ship outside U.K. Irish schools need something like this-PCR needs to be taught-possible business opportunity with other school lab supply companies?
A Transition year resource if designed well can leave your lab filled with the most amazing teaching aids, models which schools cannot afford can sometimes be manufactured by the students- active learning and a bit craic!

Just compiling questions for a crossword.


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