I am delighted to have the opportunity to spend four weeks working with Professor Teeling and her team in the UCD Bat Lab.

I am a second level biology and science teacher in Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan, Co.Dublin.  I am not a recent graduate and this I hope will entice teachers from novice to expert to use this site.  I want to brush up on my own skills, gain first hand experience of evolutionary genetics, invigorate the current curriculum taught and to learn about bats.

Simply watching the TED talk presented by Professor Telling will have you hooked! They are biological marvels!

What exactly is in this for you, biology teachers of Ireland? Most of the projects carried out with TY students in biology class are either dated, too abstract  and perhaps boring to teach, why not try to spice up an introduction to genetics and evolution with a Bat based project? Perhaps a biology field trip to observe some bats!

My aim is to provide you with a variety of materials to help you develop your classes and in which you bring genetics, research, ecology, evolution to life in your labs.  I aim only to provide a  blue print, you know your students and how to reach them.

I will update and enhance as the course progresses.



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